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Acne Scars

Acne scar developed as a complication from acne. Acnes such as inflammatory type, pustular type and nodular cystic are more prone to scarring.

Types of acne scars:




Hypertrophic / Keloid

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Numbing cream will be applied 20-30 minutes before starting treatment. During treatment it should be quite comfortable.


It depends on the severity of the scar. Most will need around 6 sessions of laser.


Unfortunately, no. Once scars have been developed it is impossible to go back to the original skin. Thus, prevention of scar formation is what we always advocate. What we trying to achieve is scar reduction.


Usually after around 6 sessions of laser, up to 70% of scar reduction can be achieved.


Depending on the severity, sometimes additional procedure is needed such as Subcision with Rejuran or Skinboosters.


Laser being a medical device cannot escape from having some side effects although they are rare. Examples will be post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin rashes, dry skin, infection, delayed healing.


Our clinic has our own protocol. We generally use a recovery cream generously twice a day. If additional hydration needed, we also provide facial sheet masks. Lastly sun protection physically and chemically by applying sunscreen.

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Acne Scars

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