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The eyes are the first thing you look into when you first meet a person. It’s the window to one’s soul. Eyes are the first area to age and it is also a complex area to treat.

Common conditions of the eye:

1. tear trough

Tear trough forms a groove at the inner portion of the eye. It gives a tired looking appearance. It can be a natural appearance due to the tight tear trough ligament adhering to the skin. In ageing individual it appears due to lost of deep fat compartment and lost of collagen support. 

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2. Periorbital Wrinkles

Periorbital wrinkles forms multiple lines around the eye. It gives the eye an ageing appearance. It is due to lost of collagen, loosening of skin structures, hyperactive muscles. 

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3. Eye Bag

Eye bag as the name implies. It forms a sagging pouch under the eye from inner portion to outer portion of the eye. Eye bag forms due to herniation of orbital fat pad,  sagging of ligaments and skin, lost of deep fat compartment and collagen. 

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4. Dark Eye Circle

Dark eye circle appears as darkened skin around the periphery of the eye. It is also called panda eyes. It is cause by multiple factors including pigmentations, prominent vasculature, thinned skin, loss of collagen, skin laxity forming shadow. 

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5. Outer Upper Eyelid Droop

Outer Upper eyelid droop cause by multiple factors. Sometimes it is called “Hoody upper eyelid”. In severe cases it can block the outer visual field. 

As we age we loose skin elasticity around the outer upper part of the eye, the frontalis muscles especially the outer portion and the temporalis muscle get weakened and atrophied as well. Thus, there is no support for that part of the skin which resulted in an upper eyelid droop. This also creates skin fold at the lateral part of the eye which are called “Crow’s feet”. Not only that, it gives the eye a tired and sad look as well. 

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