‘Golden Ratio Face’: What Is It and How to Achieve It

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if there was a way to measure it?

And there is: the Golden Ratio of beauty, formally known as the Phi or the Fibonacci number, is a tool some have used to determine a person’s physical beauty.

That seems unfair – after all, not everyone is born with the ‘ideal face.’

Fortunately, it is possible to have a Golden Ratio face with the help of advancement in medical aesthetics!

As a boutique medical aesthetic clinic, Cienna Aesthetics uses the Golden Ratio as a guide to enhance our patients’ facial features and give them their desired results when performing our non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

Want to know which treatments can make this possible for you?

Here’s our brief yet comprehensive guide to scientifically proven beauty.

What is the Golden Ratio theory?

The Golden Ratio theory is a mathematical ratio that describes achieving and appreciating beauty through harmony and proportion.

Two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio (a : b) is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities (a+b : a).

ideal proportions closer

You can find this lovely ratio throughout nature’s forms—ferns, flowers, seashells, even hurricanes—which may be why we find nature so visually appealing.

In fact, it appears to be a hard-wired preference in our minds, and even minor adjustments that make an image truer to the Golden Ratio significantly impact our brains.

European Renaissance artists, like Botticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci, notably utilised this divine proportion to create famous artworks such as the Birth of Venus and the Mona Lisa.

beautiful woman

Today, the Golden Ratio has been used as a standard for aesthetic procedures and applied to facial beauty, with calculations based on facial symmetry, face shape and the proportions of other facial features.

So, what is considered beautiful according to the Golden Ratio?

ideal facial proportions of a beautiful person's face

The Golden Ratio is achieved when the answer is 1: 1.618. This means that an ideal face is around 1.5 times longer than it is wide.

There should be comparable ratios between the forehead hairline and the middle of the eyes, the centre of the eyes to the bottom of the nose, and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

Moreover, the length of the ear should match the length of the nose, and the breadth of the eye should match the distance between the eyes.


The Golden Ratio as a tool for facial aesthetics treatments

certain facial measurements

We use the Golden Ratio ourselves at Cienna Aesthetic Medical Clinic to bring out the best in our patients using safe, effective, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

It is also a useful tool for addressing areas where ageing may have taken a toll, causing our face to lose volume and creating a sunken appearance.

For instance, certain facial dimensions, such as the space between the mouth and nose and the width of the mouth and nose, tend to increase as we age.

Thus, even faces that were previously considered symmetrical tend to stray from the Golden Ratio over time.

Here are some of the procedures we use to correct and prevent visual asymmetry:

For the face and chin

facial structure

Along with minimising the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, Botox can also be used for jaw slimming.

Depending on the areas of injection, it can also result in general facelifting.

Dermal fillers can bring back volume to the face and augment certain features for up to 2 years.

What’s the difference between botulinum toxin and dermal fillers?

ULTRACEL Q+ High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

This natural alternative to surgical facelifts can reduce facial fats while tightening the skin.

Learn more about non-surgical facelifts here!

For the eyes

plastic surgery for symmetrical face

Fotona SmoothEye

This eyelift laser can significantly tighten loose and ageing skin of the eyelids and periocular region, resulting in improved skin elasticity, ‘lifted’ overall structure, and volume through neocollagenesis.

More ways to bring a youthful appearance to the undereye area.

For the nose

measure beauty

Nose Thread Lift

A minimally invasive procedure to sculpt the nose bridge, a nose thread lift procedure uses absorbable PDO thread for a more well-defined and projected nose and a 3D look.

For the lips

lower lip

Fotona Liplase Laser

This non-invasive laser is designed to enhance the lips by stimulating collagen production.

Lip Filler

Injections known as lip fillers make the lips look fuller and plumper. The minimally invasive lip filler procedure only takes a few minutes yet lasts 2-4 years.

Furthermore, if you pick hyaluronic acid fillers, you can dissolve them if you are unhappy with the look.

Achieve a Golden Ratio face with Cienna Aesthetics Medical Clinic

physical beauty

At our boutique medical aesthetic clinic, we recognise that the Golden Ratio is not the end-all, be-all of a beautiful face.

The Golden Ratio is another tool to restore balance and proportionality—adding volume and projection when necessary to improve overall facial harmony and subtly changing the apparent distance between certain facial features.

Thus, in performing our aesthetic procedures, we do not consider only one facial feature in isolation.

Instead, we analyse how changing any feature will affect a person’s appearance and balance the Golden Ratio with each person’s unique beauty and aesthetic goals.

Ready to see how you can get closer to the divine proportion?

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