What You Need to Know About Double Chin Removal

In a world where having a profile picture is the norm and taking selfies even more so, having a double chin can be stressful.

A double chin isn’t necessarily a sign of poor health; even if you lose weight, you might not be able to lose the double chin.

Want to get rid of your chin and get a more defined jaw?

It’s crucial to understand what a double chin is and its causes before deciding on the most appropriate double chin reduction method for you. Keep reading to learn more!

What's a double chin?

A double chin is just excess fat that accumulates under the chin or in the submental area.

While a double chin is frequently associated with excess weight gain or ageing, the truth is: anyone can develop a double chin regardless of age, weight, and gender.

Causes of double chin

remove fat at neck area

Submental fat or double chin fat can accumulate for a number of reasons. Among these are:


Increasing age causes the skin to become less elastic. This is due to two main reasons:

  • a slower metabolism leads to more fat cells accumulating at the chin area.
  • natural collagen loss causes skin laxity at the neck area.


A family history of sagging skin or stubborn fat can put you at a higher likelihood of developing a double chin.

Being Asian also affects this since Asians tend to have a ‘small’ chin. With a small or receded chin, even small pockets of double chin fat can look more prominent than usual.

Diet and lifestyle

Having a naturally thin body doesn’t translate to a lower body fat composition.

Fluctuations in weight due to a high-caloric diet and a sedentary lifestyle can cause the skin to expand and contract.

Another significant lifestyle factor is sunbathing, which can result in skin thinning and collagen loss, resulting in loose under-chin and neck skin.

Ways to reduce your double chin naturally

double chin exercises for weight loss

The good news is you can reduce your double chin right at home by undertaking diet and lifestyle changes and exercising the muscles around your double chin.

Facial exercises

Facial exercises will not get rid of your double chin, per se, but they can help strengthen existing face and neck muscles and skin in the area, leading to a more defined chin.

You can use massaging tools to stimulate collagen production, burn fat, and promote blood circulation.

  • Slow neck rolls and rotations
  • 10-second-interval of stretching out your tongue
  • Chewing gum repeatedly to stave off extra fat and strengthen jaw muscles
  • Chin presses, either with or without a resistance ball.
  • Extending and keeping your lower jaw in a forward position
  • Tilting your head back and puckering your lips


If your extra chin is caused by weight gain, healthy eating can help you get rid of it.

Choosing products rich in omega-3 over processed foods can also be beneficial for your facial skin and overall health.


Making changes in your lifestyle can improve the appearance of your double chin. For instance, avoiding excessive sun exposure can reduce collagen loss and its effects on the skin.

Non-surgical double chin treatments

neck muscles

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes are helpful in getting rid of a double chin, but these do not lead to permanent results.

If you want a defined chin and jawline, you will still need in-clinic treatments that are designed to get rid of stubborn submental fat cells (double chin fat), tighten loose skin and contour a ‘weak’ jaw line.

Here are medical aesthetic treatments that can target stubborn submental fat and eliminate a double chin.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

remove double chins

HIFU is a natural alternative to surgical facelifts.

Using ultrasound energy that penetrates deep into the skin to produce elastin and collagen, HIFU promotes added skin lift and contour and supports the body’s normal healing process for a youthful, natural appearance.

In just one session, HIFU can visibly address signs of skin ageing, including sagging skin, smile lines, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, loose skin, and face fat.

Chin fillers

dermal fillers to rid of a double chin

While some people have thinner jawlines from birth, others may experience volume loss and bone support over time, leading to a ‘weak’ looking chin.

Chin fillers can give you natural results by enhancing chin projection, lengthening a short chin, and smoothing a cleft chin.

Made of hyaluronic acid fillers, chin fillers are an excellent option to remove a double chin or elevate a recessed chin.

They can also create a more sculpted appearance, hiding any imperfections brought on by drooping skin or fat and adding volume to the facial tissues.

Jawline Fillers

With the help of jawline filler injections, your face will look younger by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. These dermal fillers provide thin, sagging skin with form, volume, and definition.

In turn, this adjusts your facial proportions so your face does not look too long, fulfilling the golden ratio again.


double chin formation

Another method for altering your face’s contour without surgery is to use Botox injections.

When injected beneath the skin, it lessens facial muscle activation and creates a modest lifting effect that can last up to four months.

Keep your chin up with Cienna's Double Chin Reduction Treatment Options

non surgical procedure

The right chin shape can balance your other facial features and enhance your facial contouring.

Double chin removal is among our most requested aesthetic procedures at Cienna Aesthetics Medical Clinic.

Our non-surgical aesthetic treatments at Cienna Aesthetics Medical Clinic are all about restoring this balance in your facial symmetry so you can confidently face the world.

Through non-surgical procedures, our patients have enjoyed natural and almost immediate results without pain, risk, and downtime.

Ready to elevate your overall facial appearance?

Speak to our reliable and professional doctors about your treatment options, or book an appointment today!

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